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A Genuine Jersey way to understand ITIS?

Date: 07/11/2005 | Posted by John Garton
ITIS (Income Tax Instalment System) is, allegedly, a relatively simple concept but understanding it, judging by the calls to phone-ins and letters to editors, seems a struggle for some.

One member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association has come up with a novel solution – an animated cartoon presentation that explains ITIS in a simple but above all memorable format - and is looking for sponsorship to meet the production costs.

Channimation Productions Ltd are the creators of the ‘Jersey Royals’ a group of cartoon characters based on Jersey’s most famous crop, who have been entertaining Channel Television viewers with their antics for some months and who were conceived, drawn and produced here in Jersey.  Tony Barnes of Channimation has conceived a storyboard that he is confident will not only enable ITIS to be explained but will present that information in an unforgettable format.

“Cartoons are not just for fun,” says Tony, whose company has been a member of the Genuine Jersey Products Association since the beginning of the year, “They can be highly informative since very complex information can be conveyed by images that viewers of all ages not only under understand but also recall very easily.  Even something as esoteric as ITIS can be explained using memorable graphic images.”

Many local organisations have offered advice on understanding ITIS but Tony believes that his concept is unique in its presentation. Tony’s problem is that producing this type of product is very expensive with often hours of creative work achieving just seconds of finished production and he is looking for a sponsor for the project.  “We have had meetings with the Income Tax Department and what we can produce will be entirely compatible with their guidelines. What we are looking for is the financial support of any organisation who would like their name associated with what we believe to be an innovative and unique way of putting over something which has the potential for affecting the lives of every working Islander.”

Any organisation interested in talking to Tony Barnes of Channimation Productions Ltd, can contact him on 511924.