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A dress-maker, artist and a curer of Jersey beef

Date: 13/10/2015 | Posted by John Garton

New members have joined Genuine Jersey – bringing more talent and diversity to the producers’ association.

The Genuine Jersey mark is the guarantee of local provenance and is recognised as a byword for the best that the Island has to offer. To carry the mark, goods have to be reared, grown or caught in Jersey or created by accredited Islanders and local businesses who qualify to be members of the Genuine Jersey Products Association.

There are now over 170 Genuine Jersey members. An independent survey released earlier this year revealed that an increasing number of Islanders and visitors want to buy and taste local products. It also showed that a third of local residents said that seeing the Genuine Jersey logo would ‘definitely’ make them more likely to buy the product.

New members include:

Jersey Cured – Georgina Reid

33-year-old Georgina cures Jersey beef using traditional techniques and local products. Coming from a family that has run a restaurant in Jersey for over 50 years, she was brought up around local food – from its sourcing and preparation to cooking and final presentation.

“My father is Austrian and my Godparents are Spanish so I grew up eating salami, bresoala and Palma hams. This was on our table almost every night and the Antipasti platter was always the starter when we went out for dinner. With a drizzle of olive oil, crushed black pepper and some shaved parmesan, this made our mouths water and always provided a healthy and sustainable meal. So with a love of this food, Jersey Cured was born.”

Georgina will be curing to order as well as supplying local restaurants. She has three types of cured Jersey beef: basil cured, rosemary cured and chili-beef cured.  

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Sophie Orman Matlock Costume – Sophie Matlock

Sophie has had a keen interest in sewing since she was young, studying art and textiles at school up to A-level. She then did a foundation degree in art and design at London College of Fashion, where she developed a keen interest in the construction of clothes. She then went to the Arts University Bournemouth to complete a degree in costume with performance design, specialising in costume construction. Since graduating in 2014, the 23-year-old has continued creating bespoke / custom-made clothing and making alterations.

“My work is both interesting and varied, and includes sourcing fabric, pattern cutting, stitching and adding hand finishes to the garments. The working process beings with a design, which is discussed with the client and then a toile is made and fitted before the final piece is made in the fabric. There is usually a second or third fitting before the piece is finally finished.” 

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Susan Lintell Fine Art – Susan Lintell

Susan is an artist, illustrator and cartoonist, and a graphic and website designer. As well as creating artwork and illustration, she specialises in marketing, marketing communications, social media marketing, business development and website design. Susan was the founder of a successful presentation and production company in central London, and has many years of sales and marketing experience.

“Through my artwork, I share my journey, the tests, allies, approach, ordeals, and rewards. I create art in different media, from commissioned art, landscapes, portraits, surrealistic paintings and graphic design to cartoons and illustrations, and always exploring more ways to create.”

Two of Susan’s paintings have been chosen for the Jersey Projection Gallery, which is part of the Skipton Arts Series 2015. She has also recently licensed two paintings to Jersey Heritage.

Detox Delivery Company  – Olivia Morton

Olivia rejoins Genuine Jersey after taking a maternity break. Olivia creates delicious and nourishing detoxing juices, made using fresh local ingredients where possible, which she delivers Island-wide.