Steve Carter, Steve Jones

Telephone: 01534 865 865

Facebook: vlmof

VegieBag is a weekly home delivery service of fresh seasonal organic produce which comes in bags with a choice of sizes and grown by local producers.

VegieBag is the ‘direct sell’ initiative of the Jersey Organic Growers Alliance, the co-operative of local growers: Steve and Linda Carter of Farm Fresh Organics in St Lawrence and Steve and Jacqui Jones of Vers Les Monts in St Peter Organic Farm.

Direct sell bypasses the retailer to deliver fresher produce to the home within hours of it being harvested – with the benefit of knowing where and how it’s been grown.

Farm Fresh Organics - Run by Steve and Linda Carter, this 200-vergée farm is situated in St Lawrence. Steve grows field crops like cauliflower, potato and leek to name a few plus a range of crops in polytunnels including tomatoes and beans.

The Carters moved away from conventional farming at the beginning of the new century and have seen their soil change from relying on artificial fertilizers and pesticides to becoming alive with earthworms and other creatures all enhancing the natural fertility.

Vers Les Monts Organic Farm - This 20-vergée farm in St Peter is run by Steve and Jacqui Jones. They specialise in kales and other leafy crops like spinach. Most of the eggs for VegieBag come from their farm.

Steve and Jacqui grow on a small scale purely for the local market so they can retain an intimate relationship with all stages of the production. This has convinced them that their efforts are reflected in the quality of the produce.