Rosemary Blackmore

Rosemary Blackmore
Rue de la Croute
St Ouen

Telephone: 01534 482121

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Rosemary graduated from Bath Academy of Art in 1967 with a B.A.Hons degree in Fine Art and has worked prolifically ever since, producing paintings, ceramics, textiles, prints and cards.

She has lived in the Blackmore family home for 37 years and works from her painting and ceramic studios there.

She produces paintings in both oil and watercolour and apart from her well loved portrayals of beautiful Jersey cows, she uses texture and colour to evoke the sea in all its moods in a semi abstract form. St.Ouen’s bay is a source of infinite inspiration as are sea birds and the coastline.

In her ceramic studio she uses stoneware clay to make quirky boats with fabric sails, a model of “La Caumine a Marie Best" aka the White House in St.Ouen's bay, as well as sculptures of birds and animals and relief tile panels. For Christmas, fun Nordic gnomes will be making an appearance alongside the ever popular hand made felted bunting and stuffed hanging heart decorations.

Rosemary has a range of high quality giclée prints, Jerriais tea towels and cards.

Her home gallery, Bluestone Studio welcomes visitors to view her work, but please telephone or email first to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.