Purpleheart Woodturning

Dominic Le Huquet
St Martin


Facebook: purpleheartwoodturning
Instagram: purpleheartwoodturning


I started Woodturning in 2019 after a visit to a UK craft show, where I had the opportunity to make a slimline pen. Once I got behind the lathe I was hooked and as soon as I got back I placed an order for a Lathe, chisels and turning blanks.

I started off small making bottle openers, bottle stoppers and pens in the first instance, this over time has increased and now I am making bowls, lidded pots, vases etc.

I then started to experiment with resins having watched many YouTube videos, I began incorporating coloured pencils, pine-cones, shredded money etc into my projects, either as part of the core blank or as an inlay to the top/rim. These have to held under great pressure to compress the bubbles to a microscopic level, giving the illusion of a crystal clear finish.

I like to use a wide variety of timbers for my projects, these include African hardwoods such as Zebrano, Purpleheart & Paduak, at the same time I also like to use traditional English timbers such a s Oak, Beech & Walnut.

On top of woodturning I also decided to start up a YouTube channel where I show the process of how some of my items are made, this not only shows how the items change from a lump of wood into the final product but also the time, energy and skill that goes into making these items.

I think my favorite part of woodturning is that everything is unique, if you try and make two identical bowls, there will always be differences such as the grain of the wood, the colour of the timber, the shape could be slightly different. This just adds to the charm of the items that I make as there will never be two of the same items in the world.

I have tried to make my packaging as eco-friendly as possible, I use cardboard boxes with shredded wood packaging for most of my items, this can be recycled and shredded.

I am really excited to be part of Genuine Jersey and I look forward to seeing how my woodturning journey progresses over the coming months and years.