Jennie Jewell & Mark Holley
Lutlye Productions

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I'm Jennie Jewell, the writer of the books that graphic designer Mark Holley illustrates and together we make up Lutlye Productions. Mark and I have known each other for many years, although neither of us ever imagined doing anything like this! We have a lot in common, not least a sense of humour and we work well together.

Our books are simply meant to be fun to read, colourful and entertaining; the perfect bed-time story really. Generally speaking, children love rhyme and it’s a great way to get them interested in the magic of words. It’s hard to put an age range on them because children differ so much in what they like but three to seven or eight is probably about right.

All our books are designed to make them fun for adults as well as children. The Sonny and Amber stories have a lovely twist at the end and The Guardian Aliens have quite an adventure in their quest to get children involved in saving Planet Earth. It has a lovely message and is beautifully illustrated.

In case you’re wondering, Lutlye was Amber’s word for butterfly when she was really small and it stuck. We love butterflies and it seemed like a good idea for a name, as well as being a word that we knew wouldn’t have been registered by anyone else!

This is a brand new venture for both of us but we’re both living proof that it’s never too late to try something new. We really do hope you’ll like our books, there are more to come - starting with 'A Moving Day'.