Le Rocquier School

Stewart Elston
La Rocquier School
La Grande Route de St Clement
St Clement

Telephone: 01534 855876

Le Rocquier is the Genuine Article - Le Rocquier School have recently proven that they are the Genuine Article. In September 2012 the school gained the prestigious Genuine Jersey mark for one of the many products that are designed and manufactured within the school’s Technical Skills Faculty.

Over the past year a small groups of enthusiastic students have formed the Creative and Technical Skills (CATS) Enterprise Club, with a vision to develop commercially viable products that have a need and/or solve a problem. One additional dimension is that wherever possible the product should contain a significant amount of recycled material.

The first of these products and the one that can display the prestigious Genuine Jersey mark is the Jersey Parish Puzzle Challenge. Students are involved in all aspects of the products manufacture, sales and marketing.

The puzzle is supplied in a CD case, so is compact and makes an ideal souvenir or gift that can be taken home or posted to a friend or relative. First impressions is that a jigsaw with only 12 pieces should not be that difficult but once removed from the container and without any visual support the challenge soon become apparent.

Are you ready to take the Jersey Parish Puzzle Challenge?
If so, versions of the puzzle can be bought at:
• Jersey War Tunnels – Tel: 880808
• Jersey Tourism – Tel: 448800
• Rococo Art and Craft- Tel: 07829 801204
• St Brelades Parish Hall – Tel: 483444
• Le Rocquier School Tel: 855876