Jersey Wonderer

Collette Labey

Mobile: 07797 729 163

Facebook: thejerseywonderer
Instagram: jerseywonderer

Collette Labey began her journey as The Jersey Wonderer after helping her cousin bake them for a charity event in 2015. She enjoyed how baking a traditional Jersey recipe brought the family together and thought it would it be a lovely idea for a small side-line business.

Selling them from her home most Fridays and Saturdays, Collette has managed to create the friendly community atmosphere that she had hoped for.

The Jersey wonder recipe is a local tradition handed down through the generations to Collette. Wonder recipes can differ from family to family on the Island and are not quite the same from one side to the other. Tradition has it that housewives only cooked their wonders as the tide went out. If they cooked them on the incoming tide, the fat in which the wonders were cooked would invariably overflow the pot.

The closest equivalent to the Jersey wonder would be a doughnut, however, wonders should never be coated in sugar nor filled with jam!

Collette said: “Although sugar and jam are a no go, it seems adding a personal touch to your Wonder recipe has always been the case – and is perhaps what makes the tradition so wonderful. I have my own (secret) extra ingredient in my Wonders and they seem to go down a treat!

Funnily enough I don’t eat many anymore. I have tried them with Nutella and also dipped in Bailey’s Liqueur, but you just can’t beat them straight out of the pan whilst they are still warm. One friend eats them dipped in custard and someone else has suggested using them as a trifle base.”

The Jersey Wonderer supplies to several locations on the Island and is available for private orders for any occasion. Prices are as follows, £2.50 for a bag of 4, £5 for 8 etc or much larger batches are also available.

Where to buy your Wonders
Friday: Midland Stores at Maufant

Homefields Fruit and Veg Shop in St Clements
Rhona’s at The Beach on Gorey Slipway

Most Fri/Sat from her own porch in Grouville although check her Facebook or Instagram page for further updates.

For private orders contact Collette Labey on 07797729163 or email