Jersey Water

Jersey Water
Durrell House
2nd Floor
28 New Street
St Helier

Telephone: 01534 707300

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With a healthy mix of old fashioned engineering expertise combined with cutting edge technology solutions Jersey Water delivers a colossal 20 Million litres of treated mains water every day. We are the longest registered company in Jersey, dating back to 1882; the Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited is the oldest established Company in the Island.

As the Island’s second biggest land owner, behind the States of Jersey, we have a close affinity with the environment and rural Jersey. Much of our property is in the countryside and most of our water catchment areas are in the heart of the Island’s farming community.

Few of our customers realise the scale of our operation, the two water treatment works supplied 7.3 billion litres of water last year, through 580km of water mains (360 miles) that’s enough to go around the Island 8 times. We do all this with a small team of just over 80 people.

Jersey Water faces the difficult task of providing clean water in a small, intensively farmed Island but works closely with the agricultural community in a partnership that has mutual respect to ensure that both have sustainable and viable businesses.

Despite some of the issues we face, we are proud of the investment in the paths and landscaping that enables us to keep our two biggest reservoirs open for the public to enjoy. The arboretum at Val de la Mare is beautiful, particularly as the seasons change providing a natural kaleidoscope of colour, while dog walkers, runners and mums with prams enjoy the tranquillity of Queen’s Valley. We welcome thousands of islanders each year to our property, and we now even host a music festival! Folklore the ‘funshine’ family music festival is held at Val de la Mare, with 5,000 islanders attending we hope that this will be a regular fixture in the Island’s event calendar.

Jersey is one of the few places to have completed total coverage of household meters, this has helped reduce water consumption, reduce leakage and many customers now have lower water bills. We are continually looking for ways to help customers reduce water consumption, with a growing population and reducing rain fall it is our job to ensure there is enough water for everyone.

Jersey Water Chief Executive Helier Smith said: “We have a close affinity with the Island’s environment and rural Jersey, with much of our property being in the countryside and most of our water catchment areas being in the heart of the Island’s farming community, we have always felt as though we were a ‘Genuine Jersey’ business but now it’s time to officially join as a sponsor Member. We are proudly displaying the sponsor logo on all our emails and will be adding it to our customer correspondence and our website.”