Farm Fresh Organics

Steven & Linda Carter
La Bienvenue Farm
Grande Route de St Laurent
St Lawrence

Telephone: 01534 861773
Mobile: G3nuine Jersey

Facebook: FarmFreshJersey

With more than 200 vergées in three parishes, St Lawrence, St John and St Mary, Steven and Linda Carter are the largest organic farmers for the local market.

They grow a range of seasonal organic vegetables and salads for their farm shop in St Lawrence, VegieBag weekly home delivery service, the local market – they supply the Co-op and Waitrose - and export. They also import organic fruit and foodstuff for sale in the farm shop and combine the organic business with conventional farming of daffodils and cauliflowers for export.

Steven and Linda are part of the Jersey Organic Growers Alliance, the co-operative of local organic farmers along with fellow Genuine Jersey members Steve and Jacqui Jones of Vers Les Monts and Brian Adair of Grass Roots Organics.

VegieBag is a ‘direct sell’ initiative which bypasses the retailer to deliver fresher produce to the home every week within hours of it being harvested – with the benefit of knowing where and how it’s been grown.

Steven, who has been farming for 25 years, said converting to organic production saved the farm he took over from his father, Lawrence. If they had not gone down the organic route they would no longer be farming.

But it wasn’t just a case of survival. The extra work is worth it because of the quality of the crops. As one of their loyal customers said to him: ‘Your vegetables taste like I remember my father’s home grown vegetables did -they have so much flavour.’