Crumbtious Cakes

Danielle Schausberger
St Helier

Mobile: 07700 366 031

Facebook: daniellecrumbtiouscakes
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At Crumbtious, every cake has a story to tell.

Crumbtious bakes bespoke cakes, cupcakes and decorated cookies for any event or special occasion using only the finest local ingredients that not only look but taste fabulous!

I also make DIY cookie kits, which are a massive hit to keep kids entertained during school holidays, playdates and birthday parties.

My love for baking (and creating) came from my mother who had an arts background and owned a coffee shop in the beautiful Cape Winelands. I was raised in a home where food was made with love, passion, and creative expression. Given my influence, I graduated in Cape town with a fashion degree and was recognized as the best technical student. My creativity soon led me to baking, first for friends and family but soon word spread, and before I knew it, I had a sizeable customer base.

Throughout my life, I have combined my love for food and baking with my almost compulsive attention to detail, and so Crumbtious was established in 2018.

The saying goes, life is what you bake of it, and I sure am in my happy place when I get to bake, decorate and in the end, see the happy smiles on my clients' faces.

When I am not baking or delivering one of my baked goods, you would find me jogging all over the island, or out and about with my husband and daughters, who also happen to be my biggest fans……..must be from all the leftovers!

Remember a cupcake is a muffin who believed in miracles.