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Founded in the spring of 2022, Cocoa49.2 is Jersey's first 'bean to bar' chocolate manufacturer, combining the purity and quality of ethically-sourced Indian-grown cocoa beans with the finest dairy produce Jersey has to offer.

Hand crafted in small batches in the heart of Jersey, Cocoa49.2 showcases the very best natural ingredients sourced from around the world, brought together by our team of expertly-skilled artisans who ensure that our chocolate is infused with love and passion without any nasty additives and preservatives. The result; a pure, nutritional, eco-friendly and healthy chocolate you can enjoy guilt-free all year round.

Cocoa49.2, brainchild of our founder and Managing Director Phani Kundeti (or Chef Kundeti to many), is named after the signature chocolate recipe Phani developed after years spent perfecting cocoa bean production with farmers in the south of India. This key part of our chocolate journey, the growing, harvesting, drying and fermentation process of the cocoa beans, ensures that the beans are imbued with the perfect flavour profile well before reaching Jersey's shores.

Our signature chocolate contains 49.2% cocoa solids, this being the origin of the company name and coincidentally Jersey's latitude coordinate, and combines the flavour and creaminess of milk chocolate with the widely-documented health benefits of the superfood dark chocolate. Chef Kundeti has since gone on to develop our delicious selection of white chocolate and pure dark chocolate products, ranging from 70-100% cocoa solids. With an ever-increasing tantalising range of truffles, Gianduja, hot chocolate powders and chocolate spreads all made with the finest ingredients, which delectable treat will you choose next?