Ceri's Cakes

Ceri Hirst
La Greve D'Azette
St Clement


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Ceri Hirst bakes cakes, cupcakes and push pops for any occasion, including weddings, christenings, birthdays, craft fayres and fundraisers. Ceri’s Cakes is very popular and has Ceri working long hours to meet the demand for her unique cakes, but she still finds time to bake for charities and regularly donates either cakes or gift vouchers to charity raffles. Ceri told us more about her journey from managing a bakery in Leeds to running her own small business in Jersey.

I worked in a bakery in Leeds when I was 16 and worked my way up to manager by the time I was 17. I moved to Jersey when I was 18 and set up Ceri's Cakes when I was 21. I've been making cakes professionally for over 11 years.

After I had my children, I missed working in a bakery. I wanted to get back to work but childcare was an issue. So I decided that I wanted to set up my own bakery, but needed to build up my portfolio and customers so that the business would be a success.

My business is thriving and I have the option to expand into a bakery. However, due to 2 of my children having Autism, I will remain working from home for the time being so that I can be around for their needs.

I start work at 3am every day and bake all of my orders so that they are freshly baked on the day of collection/delivery. Whilst the cakes are in the oven or cooling I then make the decorations. At 7am I wake my children up and become "mum" again until I drop them off at school for 8.30am. I then come home and decorate the cakes, as they will be cool by then.

Some orders can take 2-3 hours but some orders can take up to 10 hours+. I have been known to work 20 hour days regularly to fit in all of my orders as my business is very popular. I work 7 days a week and get booked up very quickly. I provide my customers with a list of all the dates that I am available, which is pinned to the top of Facebook page.

I make cakes for collection from my home in La Pouquelaye, or I can deliver cakes as well. I can also be found selling cakes on a stall at local craft fayres, which I advertise on my Facebook page. I give my customers the chance to reserve cupcakes etc from my stall via my Facebook page, so that they get the flavours that they wish before I sell out.

To order cakes from Ceri, email her at or message her via her Facebook page: Ceri's Cakes Jersey.