Jersey Fresh Fish

Kevin Holden
4 Clos de Noirmont
Route de Noirmont
St Brelade

Telephone: 01534 732917


I have been a full time fisherman in Jersey for 37 years. In that time I have fished in the English Channel and around Jersey and the adjacent coast to France.

My catches have varied from crab and lobsters to wet fish and scallops to which I concentrate on now. In that time I have had to deal with many changes in the fishing world.

However, recently it has become more apparent that the general public are demanding better information about the food that they eat in terms of sustainability, locality and freshness to name but a few. A large portion of my fish and scallops are exported which I find very frustrating as not only is the Jersey public missing out but also the price I receive for my fish makes it sometimes uneconomical to catch. Quite often in their place, imports are bought in at a lower quality and sometimes farmed being marketed as fresh and local which they are obviously not.